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Linda Spring is an acupressurist and massage therapist and healer serving the San Diego area. Linda facilitates relief and healing by providing a wide variety of therapeutic techniques, with an emphasis in acupressure therapy. This unique ability, acquired through years of education and practice, allows Linda to customize a highly effective treatment plan for your specific needs.


"I found Linda to be personal, caring, loving, and able to understand what I am feeling. She is also positive, happy, and so much fun to be around."
review stars | Elise in La Mesa
"After receiving some of her treatments, I started to experience relief and reduced pain. I was able to perform some physical activities while experiencing much less pain."
review stars | Hector in College Grove
"Linda has an amazing ability, with her personality & warmth, to put you at ease in the first visit. I highly recommend her to anyone."
review stars | Jennifer in San Diego
"I contacted Linda Spring hoping she could offer a homeopathic solution for my son's molluscum. Within two weeks, the virus completely disappeared."
review stars | Amy in Poway

Therapeutic Services

LINDA'S TREATMENT PHILOSOPHY: Stress, trauma, and illness restrict the natural flow of qi, the vital force of the body. Holistic Health Practitioners specializing in Asian Body Therapies facilitate the balancing of qi throughout the body and may utilize other treatment modalities in that work.


A traditional Chinese therapeutic technique whereby pressure is applied to points along energy meridians in order to influence physiologocal function of the body

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A holistic treatment in which essential oils stimulate relaxation & an emotional release within the body. It also helps relieve pain, tension, fatigue, & anxiety

Asian Body Therapy

A variety of therapies based on traditional Chinese medicine that treats the individual as a whole entity, rather than simply treating a disease

Bach Flowers

Dilutions of flower essences used as various remedies. Developed by Dr. Edward Bach, each flower has an energetic affect to a person's physiological & emotional state

Clinical Hypnotherapy

A therapeutic technique using deep relaxation and visualization to create desired behavioral changes

Craniosacral Therapy

A gentle, minimally invasive method for enhancing the function of body system, as well as facilitating the harmonious coordination of the body, mind, & spirit

Heated Stone Massage

Several heated balast river stones are placed strategically on the individual's body to promote relaxation and healing (80-minute session)


A therapeutic technique based on the that like cures like. It uses energy of a substance to bring the body back into balance

Lymph Drainage

A therapeutic technique that helps maintain a healthy immune system by draining fluids, filtering toxins, & detoxifying & regenerating tissues

Massage Therapy

A therapeutic technique eliciting the body's relaxation response & reducing stress. Available techniques include Swedish, Deep Tissue, & Pregnancy Massage


A therapeutic technique that targets certain points of the hands & feet which correlate to other parts and organs of the body

Somatoemotional Release

A therapeutic technique that provides a release of emotions that have been retained, isolated and suppressed within the body

"Each one of us is responsible for our own health. Stress and strain certainly impact our well-being, but so do many of our own thoughts and beliefs. As a healer for nearly 20 years, I have assisted many people in promoting and maintaining health within themselves. It brings me a sense of joy to see clients' lives improve and I aspire to contribute to the health of as many people as possible." -Linda Spring, ABT, HHP, NCTMB

Education and Certifications

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Linda Spring, ABT, HHP, NCTMB
5480 Baltimore Dr., Suite 101
San Diego, CA 91942
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